Xl Gallery was founded in 1993. It is considered to be one of the most authoritative contemporary art galleries. Namely, there were made famous such stars as Mamyshev-Monroe, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Vinogradov –Dubossarskii duet and many others. XL regularly cooperates with an artist Oleg Kulik.  <div> <br /> </div> <div>The gallery director – Elena Selina. </div>

    Regina Gallery was established by Vladimir and Regina Ovcharenko in Moscow in 1990. It quickly earned a reputation as an urgent and unique platform for performance in particular, hosting landmark projects with Ivan Chuikov, Andrei Monastersky, Pavel Pepperstein, Semyon Faibisovich, Sergey Bratkov and the other artists. <div>  <div>For many of these artists Regina Gallery provided the earliest opportunity to present their work to the public in a relatively free, independent context outside of the usual circle of official exhibitions and private apartment shows.</div> <div>Regina Gallery develops an international program, giving exposure to now-established names, as well as regularly collaborating with notable curators from across the world.</div> <div>Regina Gallery regularly takes part in international art fairs including Art Basel, Frieze Art Fair, Art Basel Miami Beach and The Armory Show and its artists have been invited to take part in major shows including Documenta Kasel, São Paulo and Venice Biennials.</div> </div>

    Glaz gallery was founded in 2002 and it was one of the first photography galleries to appear in Moscow. After 10 years of existence the gallery is now working with a number of well-known Russian photographers such as Sergey Borisov, Vadim Guschin, Alexander Victorov and others. It is also now exclusively representing the estates of Alexander Rodchenko, Dmitry Baltermants and Alexander Abaza. At this moment Glaz gallery is also representing such international photographers as Sarah Moon, Harry Gruyaert, Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, Bogdan Konopka and others. We are also supporting several young Russian photographers and constantly searching for new talents on different portfolio reviews and contests. We were first ones to discover Tim Parchikov, Ivan Mikhailov, Sofia Tatrinova and Vladimir Kurashov. Noe we are happy to see that our young artists are getting a lot of attention in Russia as well as abroad. Our new space is located in the very center of Moscow, not far from State Tretyakov gallery. Gallery is participating in various Russian and international art fairs, including the major photography fair, Paris Photo.

    11.12 Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the center of Moscow's Winzavod art district. It was established in 2005 by Alexander Sharov and seven years after opened a branch in Singapore. The gallery dedicated to the promotion of artists while providing a venue of high quality original art. For the past ten years gallery introduces Russian and Western audience with works of contemporary art, artists, art practices and current trends in both the Moscow and regional schools in Russian art. Gallery is a permanent member of various international art events: art-fairs and Biennale of Contemporary Art. 11.12 Gallery also independently organizes various activities in the field of art in Russia and abroad.

    Pop/off/art gallery was founded in 2004. Pop/off/art presents three generations of Russian artists working in different countries: from the classics of the second Avant-Garde and Sots Art (Erik Bulatov,Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Rostislav Lebedev, Arkady Petrov) to the leading artists of the 1990s-2000s (Konstantin Batynkov, Anatoly Osmolovsky,Vitaly Pushnitsky, Kirril Chelushkin and others). <div> <br /> </div> <div>For the most part, artists of the gallery adhere to innovative approach to the traditional forms of art - paintings, sculpture,objects, photography. Works by gallery artists are acquired by different museums and public funds all over the world. Pop/off/artgallery provides a wide range of services in the sphere of contemporary art: from consultations, including legal advice, to assistance with corporate branding.</div> <div> <br /> </div> <div>Sergey Popov is the director of the gallery.</div>

    Pechersky Gallery was founded in January 2011 by collector and curator Marina Pecherskaya. Gallery supports young and promising Russian and foreign artists. Gallery artists: Maria Agureeva, Evgeniy Dedov, Aslan Gaisumov, Kirill Garshin, Valery Koshlyakov, Daria Krotova, Roman Sakin, Rostan Tavasiev, Rachel Lee Hovnanian, Masha Shubina

    One of the most vibrant young Moscow based galleries, Osnova was opened in 2014 by Alena Kurmasheva and Dmitrii Vetrov. Together they created an ambitious spot for the hight end art shows. Gallery is also focused to continue the dialogue between Russian art and international context.

    The Triangle Gallery has been founded in the end of 2014. Its program is focused on the presentation of young emerging and mid-career artists from Russia and abroad. The Gallery has three co-founders and this is the reason of its title: Nadia Stepanova, art historian and gallerist; Elvira Tarnogradskaya, art dealer: Alisa Bagdonayte, art manager and curator.


    Forma Gallery frame studio

    "Forma Gallery", one of the oldest Moscow galleries, presents the art studio of frames in the CCA Winzavod.  <div>It is the first experimental platform where classical principles and innovative ideas in the art of framing will get a creative development and a concrete realization. Here are accepting orders for a manufacture of frames for works of painting, graphics, photos and various interior items.</div>


    Art workshops

    Creative workshops – unique space, where are situated over 15 movements of creative and development activities for kids of different age. Every kid will find an entertainment on his own choice.


    <b>Kraftwerk Bar - a pioneer, one of the first who introduced the crowd to the culture of drinking crafting that distinguishes it from many emerging like mushrooms, crafting bars. Admiral techno pubs and bright representative of the style!</b>

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